How to
Lose M
an Boobs

how to lose man boobsIt is highly unlikely that there is anything more unattractive on a male than man boobs! Not only do women find these to be unimpressive features of a man, but they are also devastating to the male confidence and masculinity. But as luck would have it, there are several ways on how to lose man boobs that you can try.

Flax Seed Oil
A good ingredient to add to your diet is flax seed oil. Not only does it burn fat off the chest and other areas, it keeps you regular as well. However, this oil does not work by itself, you will have to maintain a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables and of course hydrating with plenty of water.

Anaerobic Exercise
These exercises or weight lifting will assist you on how to lose man boobs. These exercises work to burn fat, tone and strengthen the muscle. Of course watching what you eat is implemental, so take your diet seriously. The incline bench press is a good exercise to focus on. This repetitive exercise will build your muscle mass and tighten that flabby nipple area. Start with a weight you can lift easily and add more weight as you build more strength.

Push Ups
This is the most versatile exercise because it can be done almost anytime and anywhere. Don’t be too concerned about the amount of push ups. To accomplish tighter chest muscles you should be focusing your attention of the quality of the push up. If you can only do six, then at least that is a positive start.

Herbal Supplements
There are also herbal supplements available to you if you want to know how to lose man boobs. But you should ensure that you do your research before purchasing any products, because they can be expensive and you want to see results.

Man boobs are not a joke and no fun for any man. But the above tips will enable you to lose man boobs and replace them with an improved tighter, masculine looking chest in no time.